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What matters most, is that you discover your truest, most authentic self - and design a life that has you live fully and deeply aligned, whilst making an impact
- even as doctors

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We are human beings, before we are our job titles.

It's not uncommon for doctors to lose the identity of who they innately are, through the work of their profession.

Having studied hard for many years, getting into one of the toughest courses at university and graduating, then serving time and expertise for the well-being of others - the distinction between what you do and who you are can become blurred.

Career Identity can be both empowering, and life shattering.

This is exactly why rediscovering who you truly are is the foundation of designing a life that you can live fully, freely and passionately, both within your profession and in your personal life.


High Performance Coaching

Reignite who you are as a human being, design a career you're proud of and live a life of passion, prolifically, on purpose.

Be Inspired

You are not alone - hear stories from doctors who have navigated their career and their identity, who are now engaging in conversations that make a real impact

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Personal Development for Doctors

On a mission to create the happiest doctors on the planet

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Dr Alisha Damani

“So I encourage you - if you have an ocean to cross, start sailing and don't look back”

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..and unleash your power..
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